Importance of Family Meal Time


Importance of Family Dinner Time

Family mealtime is when everyone at home sits down and enjoys a meal together. This can be at breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. In today’s world with advanced technologies and fast paced life, how much do we get to bond with our families? How many meals do we have with our families? In our busy schedule, we tend to overlook those precious moments, those special bondings that can strengthen family ties. A great way to bond with family is to have at least one-time meal every day together.

Benefits of a family meal time have been widely talked about. We know that kids who have meals with their family, tend to do better in school getting higher grades, they tend to be more emotionally adjusted to have fewer depressive symptoms.

We know there are some really good associations with eating food with family because so much can be learned at a dining table. Your child learns manners and gratitude when you teach your child to use words like ‘please’ or ‘thank you’. Also, they learn to be generous as you ask them to give the large piece of cake to the guest.

Kids also learn a lot of words at family meal time, more than ten-times as many words they learn from being read to, at night. So kids learn a lot in the realm of social and emotional learning including linguistics.

Eating food together as a family provides the opportunity for conversation. This lets parents teach healthy communication without distractions from smartphones, television, computers, and mobile devices.Sitting together and eating food allows every family member to discuss his or her day and share any exciting news.Encourage your child to participate. Do not underestimate your child’s ability to hold a conversation.

By engaging your children in conversation, you teach them how to listen and provide them with a chance to express their own opinions. This allows your children to have an active voice within the family.

Eating dinner together as a family also encourages healthy eating habits. Studies show family dinners increase the intake of fruits and vegetables; families who eat food together tend to eat fewer fried foods and drink less soda; and family meal frequency is linked to the intake of protein, calcium, and some vitamins.Having a meal with your family ensures you are healthy and less likely to be obese or have any eating disorder.

No matter how busy you are, never skip a chance to have dinner with your family. A family meal time is like an informal get-together where you talk your heart out and bond for life. Make efforts to have at least 2-3 meals every week with family. One of life’s greatest pleasures is sharing good food with the ones you love. Life is too short to miss out on this simple joy and all the good things it can bring to your relationships. A family that eats together stays together!


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