Road Safety Tips for Kids

As a parent, you may not be aware of the safety concerns of your children on the road until one day when you go to school bus stops, neighbour’s house, or local shops. Suddenly you realise that a wave of vehicles rushing in at you and you are scared to even take the smallest step towards crossing the road. Imagine if you are so scared how your little one will cross that road!

You can’t be around your kids to ensure their safety. The best you can do is to teach them about road safety so that they can take care of themselves when you are not around. Here are few road safety tricks that you should teach your kids to ensure they are careful.

1. Stop and look around


Tell them never to attempt to cross the road in haste. Crossing the road hastily can only harm them. Ask them to stop and look around for a green signal before crossing the road. Teach them to be cautious and keep checking their left and right until they feel completely safe before crossing the road.

2. Think before you leap


Teach your kids to think carefully before crossing the road. It is always best to give them the idea about the different traffic signals and the road rules. Remind them not to hurry and must cross the road when the traffic is favourable.

3. Keep your ears open


Being a good listener will never put you to trouble. Teach them to keep their ears open to vehicles honking. Tell your children to walk straight and also warn them not to listen to music while crossing the road.

4. No Running


Children have a tendency to run and leave your hands while walking on the road. It is your duty to keep your child calm on the streets. Running while on the road can cause serious damage to your child.

5. Use Zebra Crossing


A zebra crossing might look little dizzy but your kids should learn its importance. Teach your child to use the Zebra Crossing only while crossing the road. While crossing, you can tell your child to make eye contact with the drivers, to pay full attention to the road, and teach them the importance of doing such things.

6. Road is not a Play Zone


While your child goes out for playing, always put some restriction. Tell your child not to play near the street or at the parking area. Teach your child not to chase balls and other play stuffs as mistakenly they could land themselves on a traffic stricken road. Instead, they should seek help from elders.

7. Traffic Signals


The traffic signal is only about three colours – Red, Green and Yellow! These are some of the important colours that your child should be aware. Teach the significance of each colour – red means “stop”, green for “go”, and yellow for “move with caution”.

8. Wear bright colours


Bright colours always catch attention. You should advise your child to wear bright coloured clothing, even when they go out for bicycling on the streets. Wearing bright garments catch driver’s attention quickly.

9. Use sidewalks


Teach your child uses pedestrian roads only for walking. If you demonstrate the same to your child they will follow and make it a habit.

10. Think twice


Tell your child to think twice before crossing the road. Remind them to cross the road when the traffic is favourable and by hurrying, things will only get worse. Think before you leap.

Children before 9 years of age should not be allowed to cross roads on their own because they lack the necessary peripheral vision, hearing and judgement capabilities.Children never hesitate to copy adults. Practice the safest method before your children, for them to learn and grow. By setting a good example, you can ensure your child’s safety outside the school transportation service circle. Be wise!



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