Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall (HD) – Nursery Rhymes | Popular Kids Songs | Shemaroo

The classic rhyme Humpty Dumpty is created in an Orchestral 6/8 MARCH style of music, which neatly embeds with the royal construct, animation, and the basic theme of rhyme along with the pulsating voice of the famous singer Drew Dawson Davis.

Humpty Dumpty lived a royal life in his palace with his kinsman. One day he went for a stroll with his men. He sat on a wall and he fell down. Humpty Dumpty was badly injured. Everyone tried to put Humpty Dumpty together but failed. Finally, the children of the kingdom came with a brush and glue and thus Humpty Dumpty recovered!


Hickory Dickory Dock (HD) | Nursery Rhymes | Popular Kids Songs | Shemaroo Kids

The story behind this reflects the tiff between a group of circus animals and a new clock which is introduced in a grand circus. The style of this rhyme is swing/shuffle and the animations used are fun to watch.
Jack placed a piece of cheese on top of a clock. The mouse sniffed it and climbed the clock to find the cheese but alas! He fell down as the clock rang at the strike of every hour. Then the cat climbed the clock to get his bottle of milk. The dog also hopped on to fetch a bone and like the mouse and cat he too fell down.

Then the monkey jumped on the clock to get the banana but fell down. Jack again kept a bottle of honey for the circus bear but he too failed at the strike of 5 o’clock. Finally the giraffe came and fetched the carrots! In the end all of them became friends and party together!

Enjoy the boggie woggie twist that starts at the 6 o’clock! Kids learn to read the clock, while also learning what different animals eat in a fun swing/shuffle musical style


The Wheels on the Bus Part- II (HD) – Nursery Rhymes | Popular Kids Songs | Shemaroo Kids

We present to you the story of a fun travel time with ‘Wheels on the Bus’, a classic rhyme created in a pop music style. Watch how the mommies, the daddies, the girls and the boys enjoy their bus journey. Learn the different gestures and behaviours made by the passengers.

A strong message is communicated – family time is always a fun time!

Be a part of this joy ride and sing along ‘The wheels on the bus go round, round, round … All through the town’.